About Us

The Foundation is engaged in research on the various aspects of learning and children. Children create their own knowledge about the world when they are left alone and have a conducive environment. Because of the undue importance given to schooling, the natural process of learning in children is badly affected. How to bring back their natural learning process, how to understand children, how to create a conducive atmosphere for their innate learning process are the issues we address in our research. We conduct workshops for parents, teachers and all those who are engaged with children.

Donations to us will support our 25+ years old research more extensively. This is the need of the hour, particularly, because of the mad rush and competition children are thrown into. We wish to reach all the parents, teachers and others to make them aware of this risk and its consequences

About us


Everyone is a born learner. However, as one lives through modernity the conditioning gets stronger and our ability to learn is deeply damaged. Unless we reclaim our natural cognitive system to learn the world, we really do not understand the true meaning of being human. Seekers are the ones who wish to embark on this journey of deconditioning and re-discovering.


We invite people to join hands and heart with us. So, if you are doing something similar ? Or maybe you are involved in some work that can well be part of being academy ! Join us as a collaborator if you think that you, your community or your organization may enrich the initiative of being academy and also get enriched in return through this collaboration.


We invite people who’ve been able to escape the rat race, who’ve been able to identify the cognitive damage caused by modernity and schooling and thus repair themselves to a large extent. Come share your journey, your experience with fellow participants so that they can also reclaim their natural “beingness”.


Being academy also encourages a culture of volunteering. A lot of our work needs help from a diverse set of people with varied age groups, experience and background. If you are interested and would like to contribute your skill or time - either full time or part-time while transforming yourself in the process - you are welcome to explore our volunteering option.


Being academy is a transformational program meant to be accessible and available to everyone irrespective of their education, nationality or financial status. Please support us to meet all the expenses and to run this program smoothly. We receive no institutional funding , only individual supporters are keeping our work alive.

Please do consider donating.

Thank you !