The Process

Learning to unlearn

is about breaking habits, attitudes and notions developed due to learning the word/ learning in schools/ learning the western knowledge (world view). Naturally this will involve de schooling, decolonizing and de conditioning the mind, addressing the cognitive damages and dealing with the existential crisis

Learning to Sense

will be grounded in seeing, engaging with the real world, making, doing, developing habits related to being present

Here habit means establishing oneself in seeing which is the natural way of all living beings, a choice-less seeing that is required to be alert, attentive and being aware. What the learner is paying attention to depends on the interest, need and motivation of the learner. As far as possible to existential needs of living like farming, healing, food, parenting, natural learning, sustainability, cyclic nature of life etc.

Learning to be

is when choice disappears, intention disappears, being takes root.