Modern cultural spaces - all their institutions - are making humans anti-life by creating unsustainable life style, making each compete with each other, developing selfishness. All this can be traced to the way whole schooling is happening.

Natural Cognition

The natural cognitive system that we are born with, is meant for creation of life sustaining knowledge as it is biologically aligned to the way how learning happens in nature. Schooling – being taught using readymade knowledge- fragments our body and mind, alienates us from the flow of life and turns us into anthropocentric beings. Engaging with the digital tools will only compound this far more than the way literacy damages us.

Mindset and life style crisis

The mindset that has created the crisis is not in a position to either truly understand the real crisis or will be in a position to offer sustainable solutions. Modernity has taken us in a confrontational path with nature and life, in general. Exploring how to re-align with the way nature functions is the need of the time.

From control to freedom,

from planning to spontaneity,

from pride to humility.